Series: A curated toy guide for 0-1 month olds

Fun baby toys that support early childhood development.

The 0-1 month old category is definitely a hard one. As you may have noticed, newborns cannot use their hands yet, so finding interesting things to look at are the best bet. Let’s be honest, at this age they are mostly laying around and sleeping. Check out my post, The best activity gyms for every style and price range, for some additional toys for this age.

  1. Art Cards for Babies – These black & white cards are a huge hit and babies will stare at them intently forever. Who knew 3 week old babies were such patrons of the arts?
  2. Handwoven Mobile – Mobiles are another great “toy” to keep a baby’s attention before then can really play. I would recommend a black and white one or something with contrast
  3. Tiny Love Take Along Mobile – This mobile is perfect for a baby on the go. It fits most play yards or travel cots, strollers and bassinets. It has calming music, a cute design and engaging characters for your LO to watch.

Did your LO have a specific favorite toy at this age that I should add to this list?

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